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A Massage Is The Perfect Gift!

(Think about it...wouldn't YOU love to receive one?!)



Massage is a fantastic gift for birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings... or just because!  eGift Cards are available in any amount and can be emailed to you or directly to the recipient.  eGift cards are available here:


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**I offer eGift cards as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic gift cards.  Did you know that nearly 17 billion plastic gift cards were produced in 2006 and that 10 billion new gift cards are created every year?  Once used, these gift cards are tossed into landfills, contributing millions of pounds of plastic into the waste stream.  Gift cards are often made from PVC, a toxic compound that produces carcinogens and toxins including chlorine residue and heavy metal pollutants.  I am committed to business practices that minimize our environmental impact!**


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