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Licensed Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Teacher


"I know Courtney as both a yoga teacher and a massage therapist.  She excels at both!  As my first teacher, Courtney took me step by step through yoga poses that were all new and strange to me.  She was incredibly patient and supportive.  At the same time, she incorporated the spiritual aspects of yoga into her classes, which I found equally valuable.  As a massage therapist, Courtney is the best!  She really listens when I tell her what is going on with my body, and she knows just what to do about it to make me feel better.  She always offers suggestions on what I can do at home, as well.  I highly recommend Courtney as both a massage therapist and a yoga teacher." - Anne M.


"I first met Courtney last year as I began my yoga journey at the age of 70!  She was instrumental in helping me develop both mind and body in my practice.  I always looked forward to her smoothly flowing classes and subtle challenges.  I have just discovered that she is as equally gifted a massage therapist as she is a yoga instructor.  She incorporates the same flowing style to her massage and includes some wonderful extras as well (no spoilers- you have to experience them!).  She'll be seeing me often at Courtney Lewis Wellness in Catonsville!" - Anne W.

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